Let's see our history

Becter always keep improving in technology and high quality, provide the best service to customer.
Factory established
In 2006, August 8, Foshan Becter Decorative Material Factory was established, the plant area is 2000 square meters.
Increased production line
In 2007, increased production line from the beginning of one production line to five production lines.
The first time relocation
In 2008, in March, due to the rapid development of business needs, for the first time relocation, the new plant area is 4000 square meters, entered into the second stage of development, expanded the production line from 5 to 10.
Company once again expand
In 2010, the company once again expand the scale of production lines from 10 to 15 , with annual sale more than 6 million dollar.
R&D Solutions
In 2013, R&D 3 new items access to the appearance of patents. In addition, technology and mold patents pending.
Second time to relocation
In 2014, in April for the second time to relocation, the new plant area is 11000 square meters.
Expanded new products
In 2018, together with our customers, we expanded new products - wall panel.
New product line
In 2019, we expanded our new product line – aluminum flooring accessories.
skirting board INSTALLATION

Becter Decor Molding