What’s the best skirting board material?

January 4, 2022

In home decoration, skirting boards are essential. Installing skirting board on the wall area where you can kick with your feet, to prevent the wall from being damaged by external impact and play a protective effect on the wall. In addition, the skirting boards are easier to clean up. Now let's see what kind of material should be used for the skirting board.

Wooden Skirting Board

Wooden skirting

According to different materials of the wood boards, it can be divided into solid wood skirting board and density skirting board. Generally speaking, solid wood skirting board is relatively rare, and the cost is higher than ordinary skirting, but its installation effect is very good. I want to remind everyone that we need to pay attention to the weather variations when installing wooden skirting boards, it may cause the wooden skirting boards to buckle in the future.

PVC Skirting Boards

PVC skirting

PVC skirting can be used as a substitute for wooden skirting, and the price is cheaper. The appearance of PVC is also designed to imitate the wooden skirting trim, and the surface is pasted to show the effect of wood grain or painting. PVC is stable, healthy and non-toxic, and the price is cheap, but the outer patch of PVC skirting may fall off, which is worse than wooden skirting in terms of visual effect.

Metal Skirting Board

Metal skirting

Compared with skirting of other materials, the cost of metal skirting is higher, and the installation process is more complicated. However, the metal skirting line is sturdy and durable, which can prevent the wall from being damaged due to the impact of external force.

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